I Love You

Once a deep skeptic of romantic love, Wai Jia never believed she would marry till her divine encounter with Cliff . Burdened deeply by the plight of children who face physical, emotional and sexual abuse, they dream to become missionaries to touch the lives of hurting families, changing lives one at a time.

On October 27th 2012, in an act of faith, they decided to give all monetary gifts from their wedding and proceeds from the book to helping abused children trapped in trafficking in Cambodia find hope and healing. Through fundraising, they hope to help and walk alongside ministries which rescue and free children and women from prostitution and slavery.

Cliff and Wai Jia believe that many of what plagues society today- slavery, addictions, abuse- all find their roots in broken families. Through spreading the message of love, they believe that lives can be restored and rebuilt. Together, they dream of becoming missionaries to create homes for hurting children.

Their Story

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